Saturday, December 5, 2009

Painting progress

So I guess some people are actually looking at this blogpost thing,so I will try to be more current with it.I thought it might be neat to do a "in progress" of a new painting so I dont have to finish stuff to put it up.

So here are the very first steps: sketch,transfer and underpainting.


Robert Pesina said...

This is intense! Keep posting man I wanna see the final act. You got a few peeps that are die hard fans so update update update!


Unknown said...


Dean Carlyle said...

Dude, you are so fantasticcally warped! Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Your work has been absolutely phenomenal. I've been following you since you were at Gold Coast in 2005. From a little bit of research and my experience, I think that you're the best tattoo artist in California. With that said, I can't afford to get tattoo'd as much as I like, so please don't stop what you're doing and don't blow up so one day I can afford for you to stab me up! LOL