Friday, September 23, 2011

The Matriarch

I have not painted in about 6 months and it was really making me nuts. I finally got some inspiration to pull something out of my ass for the Garage Ink show...obviously been looking at Frazetta and that by no means, means that I came even close to it being as cool as the man, but it was really fun to sketch as I was going and I think it came out pretty cool.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dinosaur bird

A few from this summer, Seems like I have a ton of larger stuff that is slowly coming together, the werewolf still needs some background but I just had to put it in here. The image I used for reference for the dead bird actually had fingers at the top of the wings, I though at the time that this was neat,like a missing link to some dinosaur gene,so I put it in the drawing, but later a client who is a farmer told me that that is not the case and that the dead birdie was probably a mutant that the parents pushed out...kinda even better than intended. Pretty stoked on how the octopus frames the bottom of that chestpiece,I will probably use that trick again, and a bear that worked for the Polish army in WW2, pretty cool imagery fo sho'

Sheer Terror!

When I heard Paul was gonna put out a Sheer Terror 7", I immediately hit him up to let me do some art for it, Sheer Terror was and still is my favorite NYHC band, and I fully cherish the memories of the days Paul lived in Kansas City, which was my home at the time. I recently went and saw them play up in S.F.... moshed my ass off,drank too much, got heckled by Paul,saw a couple of fights...another perfect show, thanks Paulie!
Get yourself a copy of this 7" with 3 new songs,a poster drawn by me, and all the spite that the Reverend Paul Bearer could fit into a 7"x7" package! WWW.DEADCITYNY.COM