Sunday, November 1, 2009


Some fun stuff from recent weeks.The wolf is based on Venom's official bootleg album cover,one of my favorites when I was 13 years old.Im stoked on Herb's ribs lots of detail for a ribcage but he maned-up to get it done.
Tree tattoos can be weird to figure out but I think Im getting a good grasp for them,probably a good thing cus Californians love tree tats.
My favorite Jackelope so far,wish I could have gotten a better pic since it has moved to N.Y. 


geoff said...

I'm going to make an assumption that it isn't just california... it think the whole west coast must love the hell out of trees. Trees and cherry blossom branches. I could make a decently sized portfolio out of just those.
I also caught a co-worker staring at your satanic rib-piece for a good 15 minutes. Friggin mesmerized. Friggin awesome, though. Friggin Awesome.

kuruone said...

Muy buenos tus trabajos!! un abrazo amigo!!

Jesse Smith said...

Awesome Work!!!

Anonymous said...

I love all of these, but am transfixed by the jackalope!