Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I spent the last 8 months painting every chance I got to get ready for this show with Phil Holt, Timothy Hoyer and Lango Oliviera, Im super pumped to be part of this this, not only do I genuinely admire these fellow tattooers and artists but Timothy Hoyer has been a huge influence on my tattoo aesthetic since he tattooed me for the first time way back in 92', and getting to share some wall space feels like part of my life has come full circle. 
All the paintings are liquid acrylic and gouache on Arches paper, I really wanted to do some paintings were I could just concentrate on luminosity which is why they are all black and white, but once I warmed up to the medium I really started feeling like my choice to do everything in black and gray really fit the idea of the pieces and I think I will continue to explore this style. Here are some in-progress pics coupled with the finished product, I will be doing a print run for the show and will be selling some on the web later on, so if you are interested let me know or keep an eye out on here or Instagram for updates.