Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I cant seem to be able to get a good photo of oil paintings to save my life,but here are my efforts for the Zombie show @ Cafe Pergolesi,March 7th.


geoff said...

the bottom one reminds me of my family christmas'. I wish i was kidding.

i also wish that I wasn't just starting on my piece... like way in sketch phase.


Petri said...

Wow! I fucking LOVE that painting where the guy is about to shoot the kid. I mean, NOBODy does zombie stuff where you see something else than zombies ripping trough fles.

Zurvive! All zombies must die!

Petri said...

I love the zombie killer painting. Its really weird that why so many people get zombies tattooed on them. Whats so cool about them? I dont get it? Its cool to see them get blasted away, because I cant imagine anyone that would like to be a zombie. They wouldnt even know it! Nobody gets the zombie killers tattooed on them. That has to change...

Zurvive! Zombie Scum Must Die!